Outside of Loikaw and Tribal Villages

Kyut Cave

Located 15km east of Loikaw and it takes 45 minutes. It is a sprawling     natural limestone cave containing broken wooden boxes which are believed to be coffins from many year ago.  According to local legend, is a home to spirits and ghosts that can bestow miracles upon those who pay  the proper respect, or curse those who do not. The cave also called YarsuGu (yarsu means gunpowder and gu means cave) because locals have used bat-droppings found there to produce gunpowder for   fireworks. At 2200 meters in length, it is the third longest cave in Myamar.





Ngwe Taung Dam

Located 11km south of Loikaw and it takes 30 minutes, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and hopefully will take a nice shots.






Hta Nee La Leh ( Kayah Tribe Village )

Farming villages with traditional animist shrines, totem poles and a Kaetoebu village hall, where the village shaman makes predictions. 17 miles away from Loikaw and it will take one hour. The most interesting feature is the central totem pole that is a major feature of many of Kayah villages, an animist tradition pre-dating Buddhism or Christianity. These sacred poles are worshipped once a year, around April. Still maintain speckles of their traditional animist customs. Enjoy the traditional bamboo instrument.

Pan Pet ( Kayan village )

Which offers opportunities for scenic hikes and chances to meet the local villagers – including the Kayan women( long-necked women). Avoid to call them ‘Padaung’.  The women of this ethnicity traditionally placed brass coils around their necks from a young age. You will see their daily life such as spinning, cotton to cotton fiber, making bracelets and  hope you will like her arts and crafts.

Hte Kho ( Kayaw Village )

42 miles away from Loikaw and it will takes 2 and half hours from Loikaw.

This village is a great place for travelers who are interested in local hospitality, unspoiled natural scenery and experiencing cultures that still preserve their traditions. You will see most of Kayaw women dressed in traditional clothing. You can learn traditional things at Kayaw Cultural Show Room. You will enjoy to see that still alive their traditional life style.

Note that this village can only be visited with a permit, as part of an organized tour.