Travel Tips

Traveler’s Info in Kayah

How to get to Kayah?

By air: Flights from Yangon to Loikaw will take about an hour. There’s daily by Myanmar National Airlines ( ).

By boat: Can travel from Nyaungshwe / Inle Lake to Pekong by boat and it will take about 6 hours, and then take a transfer by taxi or minivan to Loikaw ( about an hour).

By car: Can travel from Yangon to Loikaw by evening bus and will arrive in the next morning ( about 16 hours ). From Nyaungshwe to Loikaw by private vehicle takes about 5 hours (up to 7 hours by public transport).

Traveler’s Info in Myanmar

Local Time

6:30 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Types of visa

All visitor to Myanmar are required to carry a valid passports must be valid for six months beyond the intended stay. Visa applications may be made at any Myanmar embassy or consulate. Children aged over seven are required to apply for separate visas even if they are travelling on a parents’ passport.

– A Tourist Visa allows a stay of 28 days, extendible for an additional 14 days.

-A business Visa allows a stay of 28 days, extendible up to 12 months on a case by case basis.

– Visa on Arrival is granted to Package Tourists who have booked prepaid package tour from one of licensed travel and tour companies. This arrangement requires minimum of two weeks lead time for the tour companies.


A passport with a valid visa and a completed disembarkation card must be presented to the immigration desks at international air ports. Foreign currency exceeding $2000, jewellery, cameras and electronic goods must be declared on the customs forms issued to each arriving visitor is two bottles of liquor, two cartons of cigarettes or 100 cigars, 1.5lbs of tobacco and a pint of perfume or eau de cologne.


The departure tax at airports is $10. A passport and completed embarkation card are to be shown at the immigration desks. Export permit vouchers must be shown at customs for any gems or jewellery bought in Myanmar. The export of antiques and archaeologically valuable items is prohibited.


You’re advised to buy gems, jewelleries and silverware at the authorized gem-shops where you wll be given a voucher with a permit for Export.

Airport Tax

All passengers who depart from Myanmar, will need to pay airport tax of US$ 10 per person for International flights and also should pay airport tax of 1000Ks (local currency) per person for domestic flights.


The local currency is the “Kyats”. Kyat notes are issued in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000.

Climate and Weather

Generally, there are three seasons. The monsoon or rainy season starts from mid-May to October, the cool dry season from November to February and the hot season from March to May.

As the country is large with diverse topography, temperatures vary from region to region. Weather is generally temperate and cool in mountainous northern parts. During the monsoon season coastal and delta areas enjoy heavy rain showers. With a few inches of rainfalls, it is cool and pleasant in central regions where major tourist sites are located. Myanmar is a year round tourist destination.


The current is run at 220 volts, 50 hertz AC.

Safety and Security

According to United Nations statistics, Myanmar enjoys one of the world ‘slowest crime rates, ranking well above Europe and other mainstream Asian destinations in terms of personal safety.

Credit Cards

There are a few major hotels, airlines and some souvenir big shops and restaurants are accepted credit cards. It is the best way to bring a sufficient amount of cash for personal expenses. It is very difficult to exchange with traveler cheques.


We are strongly recommended all clients to obtain personal medical and accident insurance before arrival. SOS Worldwide local representative office has in Yangon, they provide 24 hours on call service for emergency evacuation and medical assistance.

Telecommunications (IDD)

Most hotels have IDD (international direct dialing) lines in Yangon and Mandalay but calls are expensive. Internet & E-mail facilities are now available at many hotels and Internet or Cyber café .Please note that mobile phones brought into the country are not connectable to international networks such as GSM, but will use mobile phone from some Asian countries.

It is allowed to carry laptops to Myanmar. Internet connection on the laptop has to use the hotel’s business  center or an outside cyber cafe’ even Internet connection is slow.


Kayan Beauty Travel & Tours provides air-conditioned coaches, mini-vans, and cars for all journeys in Myanmar, except in some remote areas, inevitably, where air-conditioned vehicles may not always be available. Due to condition of roads in Myanmar, long distance overland journey generally takes longer than the expectation, averaging only 45 kilometers per hour; therefore mode of transports should be balanced for your comfort.


Comfortable cotton is the most suitable fabric for Myanmar’s weather because humid and warm in the whole round year. Locally made cotton is available at most destinations.


The population is over 60 million. More than 70% of Myanmar population is Bamar and the other major ethnic groups are Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Chin, Mon, Rakhine, and Shan. There are over 100 ethnic groups in Myanmar.

Language & Religion

The majority speak Myanmar. English is widely spoken and understood. 85% of Myanmar is Theravada Buddhist.  The others are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and animism.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Myanmar’s nightlife is rather quiet aside from local establishment in the larger cities such as Mandalay and Yangon who offer a variety of pubs and dance clubs. However, karaoke bars can be found pretty much all over the place. Due to government regulations most music played in public is Burmese.

Large hotels in major city centers such as Yangon and Mandalay offer various forms of entertainment for guests including bars and karaoke. In some cases there are special dance performances in hotels and other establishments performed by local artist and musicians. There is also a wide variety of movies available to watch in Myanmar at local cinemas as well as puppet shows. Popular nightclubs in Yangon nowadays are BME Entertainment, Pioneer, DJ Bar and YGN Bar.

Kandawgyi  is a particularly fun place to spend some time in Yangon if you are looking for some local nighttime excitement. The restaurant in this area regularly host local performers who put on plays, play music or dance to traditional Burmese sounds while you eat.

Business Hours

Government offices are open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. All Banks operate from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays. Shopping Malls and Shops are open form about 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.

Public Holidays  of Myanmar in 2018

January, 01 International New Year’s Day
January, 04 Independence Day
February, 12 Union Day
March, 01 Full Moon Day of Tabaung
March, 02 Peasants Day
March, 27 Armed Forces Day
April, 13-17 Water festival & Myanmar New Year
April, 29 Fullmoon Day of Kason (Vesak Day)
May, 01 May Day
July, 19 Martyrs’ Day
July, 27 Full Moon Day of Waso (Dhammasetkya Day).
October, 23-25 Fullmoon Day of Thandingyut
November, 21-22 Fullmoon Day of Tazaungmone
December, 02 National Day (Full Moon Day of Tazaung Mone)
December, 25 Christmas
December, 31 New Year’s Eve